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4 Reasons Why Veterans Choose NorthWest Arkansas 社区 College


Transitioning out of the military and seeking a higher education can be a big step for many 经验丰富的s – a big step in the right direction. Combining your military experience with a technical certification or a college degree can be a valuable asset, while at the same time, entering into the college environment can be an adjustment.

As a 经验丰富的 and a non-traditional college student, you may have a family to support and perhaps, are coping with physical and mental conditions as a result of your time in the military, making your transition into the classroom challenging. 但是对于 right college, staff, faculty and resources, you’ll have the tools to better navigate 这些挑战.

NorthWest Arkansas 社区 College (NWACC) has made it their mission to offer guidance and assistance to 经验丰富的s looking for a high quality, yet affordable college education. With a military-friendly culture, a resource center, and scholarships, Arkansan 经验丰富的s are taking notice and choosing to grow their education with NWACC.

Read further to learn more about what makes NWACC military-friendly and how committed the college is to the 成功 of student 经验丰富的s.

1) Veterans Resource Center

Understanding that each student 经验丰富的 has different needs, NWACC’s Veterans Resource Center offers 经验丰富的 advisors and counselors to guide students through class registration, 退伍军人权利法》® benefits, scholarships and financial aid, as well as tutoring, employment, disability 和更多的. The center is dedicated to guiding and assisting 经验丰富的s in reaching academic 成功.

2) Veteran 奖学金 & 基金

NWACC proudly offers affordable in-state tuition rates to all 经验丰富的s, which can typically be covered by the 退伍军人权利法》®. At times, 经验丰富的s may need additional funds to cover their college expenses and are encouraged to apply for NWACC’s two 经验丰富的 scholarships and other non-profit 产品.

  • Josh McCandless Veteran’s Scholarship: A $500 scholarship awarded to 经验丰富的s in the Fall and Spring to use towards their 教育需求. It was named after an NWACC student who started the scholarship through a service learning project.
  • 首页 For Dinner Scholarship: A $250 scholarship awarded to 经验丰富的s in the Fall and Spring to use towards their 教育需求.
  • 首页 For Dinner gift cards: 首页 For Dinner is a non-profit organization that offers 经验丰富的s residing in Benton and Washington County, Arkansas with a one-time $50 gift card for dinner at a local 餐厅. Gift cards are given out once a semester.

3) Challenge Coin and Veterans Cords 

Traditionally, NWACC recognizes 经验丰富的s and their educational achievements by giving them 经验丰富的 cords to wear on graduation day. The college recently designed a challenge coin to also give to graduating 经验丰富的s as a reminder of how important they and their 成功 are to NWACC.

northwest arkansas community college 经验丰富的s coin


4) Veteran-Friendly Culture

In addition to our Veteran Resource Center that offers help to all eligible 经验丰富的s, dependents, reservists and disabled 经验丰富的s, NWACC recognizes 经验丰富的s through campus events such as the Veterans Day program and cookouts. This Veterans Day program typically entails a white table ceremony in honor of the MIA and POWs, speeches by student 经验丰富的s, 还有音乐 Soldiers Songs and Voices.

NWACC also offers a 经验丰富的s lounge where 经验丰富的s and dependents can come and relax, do homework or converse with peers. The lounge has computers, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a toaster oven available, along with free snacks and coffee provided by donors.


There’s a Place for You Here

NWACC is familiar with the challenges of transitioning from active duty to civilian 生活. The college offers a variety of programs with convenient class schedules, as well as educational resources to help you succeed. 访问 nunacapital.com 或打电话 479-986-4000 to learn more about choosing a higher education with NWACC.